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Can I select which train company I travel on?

Yes, the site will automatically display all the available routings and operators for the journey you select. Simply pick the one you want. You should be aware than some tickets are for a specified train company only whereas others can be used on any operator.

Can I use National Rail Travel Vouchers towards the cost of my Season Ticket?

Yes, any National Rail vouchers including Delay Repay vouchers can be used for full or part payment of your Season Ticket.

Under National Rail retailing rules you must however send any voucher(s) you wish to redeem against your booking to us before we can issue and despatch your ticket. You should therefore take this into account when selecting the start date of your new ticket.

Do I need a photocard to buy a Season ticket?

Yes, you must have a valid photocard to travel with any Season Ticket. Your photocard number must be provided at the time of booking and it will be printed on your Season Ticket. This photocard must be kept with your Season Ticket and shown to any train company staff who request it.

If you don’t have a photocard or you wish to get a new one then you can simply apply for one online with us at the same time you buy your Season Ticket. You just need to download a suitable “passport style” picture and we will send you your new photocard along with your Season Ticket.

Does my Season Ticket give me return travel?

Yes, your Season Ticket is for travel in both directions between the Origin and Destination stations you select (or indeed any stations between these two).

Most tickets are for return travel at anytime of the day and are completely unrestricted. They can be used by you as many times you wish while the ticket is valid. A few tickets are restricted to specific routes and /or train companies or may be restricted to off-peak travel only, but we will clearly display any conditions and you should make sure you select the correct ticket for your requirements.

If I’m travelling to London can I also get a Travelcard for travel around London?

Yes, if your journey goes into the London Travelcard area, you will get the option of buying a travelcard which includes travel on all TfL services including buses and the underground in London.

What length of Season Ticket can I buy on

You can buy a Season Ticket for a Weekly, Monthly or Annual period, as well as any bespoke period greater than a month and less than a year (eg 3 months and 6 days). The LoveRail site will automatically show you the fares for Weekly, Monthly and Annual periods. If you wish to see the price for a bespoke period then simply add the end date you wish your Season Ticket to run until and we will automatically calculate the price for you.

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